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The Week in Data July 24: A Look at Legal Industry Trends by the Numbers

Wed, 2024-07-24 18:41

Catch up on this week's data and insights from across the Newsroom, including the demographics of Georgia's judicial appointments and revenue growth at New Jersey and New York law firms.


By the Data: A Weekly Look at Legal Industry Trends

Wed, 2024-07-24 18:00

Dig into must-see data from the Newsroom.


Lawsuit Seeks $1.7M in Damages Over Brazilian White Sugar Deal Gone Sour

Wed, 2024-07-24 16:58

The case is pending before Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Lisa Walsh.


Pa. Federal Judge Orders Ogletree Client Ikea to Pay Over $560K for Spoilation of Evidence

Wed, 2024-07-24 16:48

The sanctions motion came following a 66-page opinion Brody entered in May, which said Ikea and its counsel demonstrated "incredible and gross negligence" by failing to implement litigation holds to preserve deleted mailboxes.


'Issues That Have to Be Addressed': New Study Finds Flaws in Reporting Federal Judicial Sexual Misconduct

Wed, 2024-07-24 16:08

"Chambers is a very private space," retired U.S. District Judge Shira A. Scheindlin said. "Each judge has five or six employees in their own private space, and there's no one supervising a judge. They are on their own. It's hard to take on such a person."


Things Could Get Confusing After Dueling Rulings on Noncompetes

Wed, 2024-07-24 15:37

"Come September, if this situation persists, there will be garden-variety, noncompete employment cases in courts across the country where defendants, whether employees switching companies or companies hiring employees in the face of noncompetes from their prior job, will likely assert that the FTC is a defense to the enforcement of a noncompete," attorney John Siegal said.


Brussels' Reverse Revolving Door: Why Lawyers Leave Lucrative Jobs at Law Firms to Join the EU's Powerful Antitrust Enforcer

Wed, 2024-07-24 15:01

The revolving door from the European Commission to Brussels-based law firms has frequently stirred controversy, but the revolving door from law firms to one of the world's top antitrust enforcers has received much less attention.


GOP Members of FTC Worry Lina Khan Is Going in Too Many Directions

Wed, 2024-07-24 14:51

"Many of these rules are unlawful, and the pace of rulemaking is quickening as we approach the presidential election," GOP commissioner Andrew Ferguson wrote this week.


A Florida Judge Just Delivered Good News to Donald Trump

Wed, 2024-07-24 14:50

"Discovery will be undertaken to determine the impact that Mr. Stephanopoulos' statements had," said Trump attorney Alejandro "Alex" Brito.


'A Change Agent': Lawyers Look Back at Kamala Harris' Legal Career in California

Wed, 2024-07-24 14:22

"As attorney general, Kamala Harris was a change agent to law enforcement in the state; as president, she will do the same in my opinion," said Jeff Tsai, who was a California special assistant attorney general from 2013 to mid-2015.


Announcing Winners and Finalists in the New England Legal Awards 2024

Wed, 2024-07-24 14:17

We're excited to announce the winners and finalists in our second annual New England Legal Awards, recognizing attorneys and firms from Connecticut and across New England.


Coinbase Urges Judge to Order SEC to Produce Documents

Wed, 2024-07-24 13:36

"Documents related to these communications bear directly on the claims the SEC now asserts and on Coinbase's fair notice defense," said Paul Grewal, Coinbase's chief legal officer.


US Judge Rules Attorney Discipline Proceedings Are Presumptively Open to Accusers

Wed, 2024-07-24 13:14

"The question is whether public access provides a substantial benefit to the proceeding's ability to carry out its purpose," U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero of the Southern District of New York wrote. "The court finds that it does. The public cannot have faith in a process that it cannot see."


Title IX Heads to US Supreme Court: Department of Education Seeks Relief From Enjoining Dozens of Unchallenged Provisions

Wed, 2024-07-24 11:37

"First, the district court plainly erred in enjoining dozens of provisions that respondents have not challenged and that the court did not find likely unlawful," the stay application argued. "Like the injunction in Labrador, that sweeping relief ignores the fundamental principle that equitable relief must be tailored to match the plaintiffs' injuries and legal claims."


How I Made Partner: 'Be Intentional About Your Environment,' Says Neyma Figueroa of Dykema

Wed, 2024-07-24 11:00

"Be intentional about your environment. Make sure you have mentors and colleagues who you can learn from and that challenge you so that you can grow. You learn nothing when you're the smartest person in the room. Don't be afraid to surround yourself with people who challenge you. It helps you in the long run."


Protecting Assets: Trademark Filing Practices in the Age of AI, Social Engineering and Inventive Schemes

Wed, 2024-07-24 10:29

The need for heightened awareness of solicitations and scams is such that even the USPTO has dedicated a page on its website providing information on common scams and warning signs when someone is contacted about their marks.


After DOJ Smackdowns Leave JetBlue Spiraling, Longtime GC Heads for Exit

Wed, 2024-07-24 10:19

The last four years have been brutal for Brandon Nelson and JetBlue, which was whipsawed by the pandemic and then had to cancel two deals that were supposed to drive growth after courts ruled they broke antitrust law.


Jackson Lewis Enters Appearance for US Chess, Seeks to Move Whistleblower Suit to Federal Court

Wed, 2024-07-24 10:00

In a post on social media, Jennifer Shahade said U.S. Chess "has thus far ignored my lawyers follow-ups on their own mediation offer." She also said her legal team anticipates that U.S. Chess will attempt to take the case out of New Jersey and move it to a state more beneficial to the defendants.


CLE Shouldn't Be the Only Mandatory Training for Attorneys

Wed, 2024-07-24 09:59

Attorney development is a pivotal aspect of a law firm's success, necessitating a strategic approach to training and development at every career stage. By investing in comprehensive development programs, law firms not only enhance their attorneys' skills and engagement but also secure their long-term success and stability.


Data Privacy Watch: Keeping Up with the Evolving Patchwork of Laws

Wed, 2024-07-24 09:55

Alongside data privacy changes in Canada and the EU, the U.S. is seeing more state data privacy laws than ever before, stretching the patchwork from one coast to another, and beyond.