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Updated: 41 min ago

Noom GC Quits, Saying 'We All Need to Step Back and Take a Breath'

Wed, 2023-01-25 15:00

Michal Rosenn said she feels fortunate to have built "a world-class legal team that is deftly navigating the challenges and opportunities of today's tech environment."


Meeting Client Expectations to Provide Good 'Customer Service'

Wed, 2023-01-25 14:19

Buyers of legal services are now a highly sophisticated and connected community. What the clients now not only want but insist on, is operational efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.


Build New Habits to Achieve Your Goals in 2023

Wed, 2023-01-25 13:18

Absorbing and learning is one thing. Putting principles into practice for sustained periods of time is something else altogether.


10th Circuit: Flight Attendant's Proposed Accommodations 'Weren't Plausibly Reasonable' in ADA Suit Against Frontier Airlines

Wed, 2023-01-25 13:06

"An employer can incur liability under the Americans with Disabilities Act for failing to accommodate an employee's disability," Judge Robert E. Bacharach wrote. "Under the Act, the employee must request a 'plausibly reasonable accommodation.'"


Fourth Circuit En Banc Seems Likely to Remove Limit on Attorney Fees, Eyes Future Standard

Wed, 2023-01-25 12:56

"Other circuits have wrestled with this problem, and they've all agreed is it's not a categorical bar. So we say it's not. Now the question is, do we give guidance. If you'd like guidance, we should have that discussion," said Circuit Judge Paul Niemeyer.


Seattle U Law Responds to 'Incendiary Allegations' of Discrimination Against Visiting Professor

Wed, 2023-01-25 12:43

Seattle University School of Law Dean Anthony Varona wrote in an email to students and faculty Monday that the school is conducting an internal probe into allegations of racism against a visiting professor that were made public by the university's student newspaper.


Ransomware Attack Not Covered: 'No Direct Physical Loss of or Damage to' Intangible Computer Software, State High Court Says

Wed, 2023-01-25 12:35

The insurance policy phrase "direct physical loss of or damage to" has been prominent in the news the past few years thanks to the spate of business interruption cases stemming from the pandemic, but one state high court recently had occasion to examine that policy language in a different context: cybersecurity.


Covering History in the Making

Wed, 2023-01-25 12:13

U.S. Supreme Court reporter Marcia Coyle looks back at her 35 years of coverage here at The National Law Journal.


Three More Law Schools Join Exodus From US News Rankings

Wed, 2023-01-25 10:43

Prospective law students can easily find information about our performance in "without the muddy signaling that the U.S. News rank creates," Jennifer Gerarda Brown, dean and professor of Law at Quinnipiac Law, said, adding that "devoting precious administrative resources and sometimes catering to U.S. News ranking methodology distracts and detracts from our efforts."


Critical Mass With's Amanda Bronstad: Are Lawsuits Possible Over California's Mass Shootings? In Tesla Trial, Elon Musk Takes On Class Actions

Wed, 2023-01-25 07:08

Welcome to Class Actions: Critical Mass, a weekly briefing for class action and mass tort attorneys.


Legal Departments Say They're Headed in Right Direction on ESG, But It's Straining Their Resources

Wed, 2023-01-25 06:43

"For the first time ever, this year's General Counsel Report revealed 100% agreement about numerous factors that are placing increased strain on in-house legal teams," said Wendy King, senior managing director of FTI Consulting.


Republican AGs Broaden Anti-ESG Crusade by Targeting Proxy Advisory Firms

Wed, 2023-01-25 06:01

"The state AGs are going after everyone in the supply chain. Everyone should be ready for scrutiny," said Chris Carlson, an associate at Troutman Pepper.


Financial Regulation Is Big Law's Newest Battleground: The Morning Minute

Wed, 2023-01-25 05:00

The news and analysis you need to start your day.


Layoffs With One Hand and Group Hires With the Other? Big Law May Get Used to It

Wed, 2023-01-25 04:00

Goodwin's dual moves this month will likely signal how the Am Law 200 will grow this year—forcing out lawyers in currently low-growth areas while prioritizing growth in other practices.


Elon Musk Takes Aim at Class Action Law Firms in Tesla Securities Trial Testimony

Tue, 2023-01-24 18:28

"I do not believe they actually represent the shareholders," Musk said of plaintiffs counsel at Levi & Korsinsky.


Elon Law Names Its Next Dean

Tue, 2023-01-24 17:26

"Universities are engines of opportunity, and I want to serve an institution that is committed to transforming students' lives," Zachary Kramer said in a statement. "Elon Law is the most innovative law school for experiential education and practical training. I'm excited to help lead the community in its next phase of growth."


'We Are Not Perfect': Prosecutors Acknowledge Unconscious Bias After 'Racially Coded Language' at Trial Leads to Vacated Convictions

Tue, 2023-01-24 17:12

"I would never want to secure a conviction with even a remote possibility of racial bias against a defendant," Chief Deputy Prosecutor Dan LeBeau said in a statement provided to "There was no intentional actions on my part yet I understand the court's ruling."


Taylor Swift-Inspired Senate Hearing Puts Antitrust Case Law at the Forefront

Tue, 2023-01-24 16:41

"Its dominance in markets up and down the live entertainment supply chain creates the incentive and the ability to limit competition to protect its market position," said the American Antitrust Institute's Kathleen Bradish on her view of Live Nation's control of the market.


State High Court Rejects Second Bar Recommendation to Amend Professional Rules to Include Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment Provisions

Tue, 2023-01-24 16:01

"While there is evidence that the resolution's drafters sought to curb discrimination and harassment identified in the survey conducted by the bar, such an intent cannot be used to justify the possible chilling of free speech," stated the opinion. "The resolution covers a substantial amount of protected speech."


Southwestern Law Adds Courses to Prepare Grads for 'Nuanced Practice Areas'

Tue, 2023-01-24 15:50

The courses add to "Southwestern's sophisticated curriculum, which is strategically designed to train profession-ready lawyers," according to a Southwestern Law spokesperson.