Mediation and Negotiation, Alternative DIspute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Even if parents are not able to come to an agreement regarding disputed family law issues, they may be willing to mediate those issues. Mediation is generally considered to be less expensive than litigation. It can resolve matters in a shorter amount of time and with less stress. In mediation, you and your attorney will work with a mediator who can assist you and your spouse in coming to an agreement.

  • As both a lawyer and a mediator, I have a unique perspective on mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods. I have the capacity to assume both roles.
  • Sometimes, I guide my clients through mediation as an attorney. Other times, I serve as a mediator for spouses represented by other lawyers. I am a strong believer in the success of alternative dispute resolution methods. I know that they are often the best way to resolve matters — such as divorces or disputes over child custody modification — inexpensively and at a low cost. However, mediation is not always the right choice for everyone. When mediation isn't right for you, I'll be honest with you and won't try to force you into it. Instead, I'm well prepared to take another approach.

If litigation is necessary, I will not hesitate to take aggressive action. As a mediator, I am an impartial third party who helps parties facilitate an agreement. Using my experience, I help divorcing couples, parents, ex-spouses and other family members work through their disagreements to come to a resolution that works well for everyone. I do this in a way that is respectful and safe. Concerned for my client's comfort, I arrange a meeting that works all of the parties. Sometimes, this means that each party is in a separate room. I move back and forth between the rooms, communicating ideas to each party with the goal of reaching mutual agreement. Convenience is of great importance to my mediation practice. I can arrange mediation services in a location that works for you, whether those are the conference rooms in your local courthouse, a office building or another suitable location.  I often guide my own clients through alternative dispute resolution methods as a way of helping them resolve conflicts peaceably and cost-effectively. I am open to negotiating with other attorneys and can often help my clients reach a fair settlement that protects their best interests.  If you utilize alternative dispute resolution tools during your divorce process or another family law dispute, it is likely that you will be happier with the outcome. Alternative dispute resolution gives you greater control over the outcome of your case because — unlike a court order handed down by a judge — you never have to accept a resolution to which you did not agree.