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Updated: 33 min 40 sec ago

Class Actions Are on the Rise, Driven by Antitrust, Shareholder, Disability Suits

6 hours 28 min ago

The eight class actions filed in New Jersey from May 29 to June 4 represent the biggest one-week crop of filings in 2023, breaking the previous record of six class actions filed the week of April 24.


'The Sky Isn't Always Falling': How New Compliance Chiefs Can Win Credibility

7 hours 58 min ago

"Culture is so critical. As a new compliance officer, you have to start getting a feel for what the company is about," said Haydee Olinger, former global chief compliance officer of McDonald's.


What the Legal Industry Can Learn From the Lewis Brisbois-Barber Ranen Shake-up

8 hours 6 min ago

In this week's episode, business of law reporter Justin Henry breaks down the twists and turns of the shake-up, including the leaked emails.


An Open Letter to My Corporate General Counsel Clients on DEI

10 hours 47 min ago

I reach out to you at this critical time, to inform, advise, support and inspire you. As you well know, there is an unfortunate trend developing in various sections of the United States concerning equity issues. And this trend spurs intolerance, prejudice, fear and even hate.


University of Alabama Basketball Player Sues NY Times Over Article That Allegedly Falsely Placed Him at Scene of Deadly Shooting

11 hours 17 min ago

This complaint was first surfaced by Radar.


'Hire People Who Are Capable of Taking Your Job': How a Tech GC Builds Legal Teams

11 hours 19 min ago

"Any people manager ... is a caretaker of the aspirations of their team members. To be a little clichéd, in order to be a caretaker, you have to care," said Dan Haley, general counsel of Guild.


Tenth Circuit Rules Courts Cannot Dismiss Only Part of an Action Based on Forum Non Conveniens

11 hours 28 min ago

The circuit court held that a district court abused its discretion in dismissing an action as to several defendants based on forum non conveniens while allowing the same action to proceed against other defendants.


Who's to Blame for 'Bogus' ChatGPT Legal Brief?: The Morning Minute

16 hours 28 min ago

The news and analysis you need to start your day.


State Appeals Court Shoots Down Legal Mal Claims From Plaintiff Who Blamed Incarceration on Negligent Counsel

21 hours 48 min ago

The Tennessee Court of Appeals shot down attempts by a pro se plaintiff to pin his foreclosure, loss of belongings and eventual incarceration on his former counsel.


Federal Circuit Judicial Council Denies Newman's Request for New Cases Amid Investigation

Mon, 2023-06-05 20:21

Judge's attorney decries lack of due processing, saying 95-year-old jurist was denied notice and an opportunity to be heard.


Arizona Appeals Court Takes on First-Impression Issue of Compelled Mental-Health Exams

Mon, 2023-06-05 19:53

"This case presents an issue of first impression," said Gass. "Arizona's appellate courts have accepted special action jurisdiction in cases involving motions to compel mental-health examinations but have not addressed whether non-expert witness testimony opens the door to a court-ordered examination for rebuttal purposes."


ACLU Files Lawsuit Over Nebraska Legislature's Combo Bill Limiting Abortion, Trans Health Care

Mon, 2023-06-05 17:46

In the suit filed last week, the organization is challenging the state Legislature based on language from the Nebraska State Constitution stating, "no bill shall contain more than one subject."


Ahead of the Curve: How Law Schools Almost Became Test-Optional

Mon, 2023-06-05 17:41

This week, we're analyzing the Council of the American Bar Association's Section of Legal Education and Admissions' decisions over the past 18 months regarding the standardized test requirement for law schools.


Montana Law Prof to Become Dean of UMass Dartmouth Law

Mon, 2023-06-05 17:36

"Sam is a proud first-generation college student and a passionate advocate for first-generation and low-income students in the study of the law," Hanchen Huang, UMass Dartmouth provost, said in a statement.


'An Influx of Bad-Faith Actors': How Payment Apps, Chat Bots Are Changing Class Action Settlements

Mon, 2023-06-05 17:01

Digital payment apps and chatbots are changing the administration of class action settlements.


Not an Outlier: Why Legal Tech Companies Are Prime Ransomware Targets

Mon, 2023-06-05 16:57

Casepoint's recent cyberattack highlights a hard truth: Ransomware gangs are switching from targeting broad infrastructure technology companies to industry-specific providers such as legal tech.


Barber Ranen Founding Partners Resign Following Disclosure of Misogynistic, Racist Emails

Mon, 2023-06-05 16:23

Resignations by Barber, the firm's managing partner, and Ranen, the firm's chief financial officer, were confirmed in a statement by CEO Timothy Graves. "Effective immediately, the firm has requested and accepted the resignations of John Barber and Jeffrey Ranen," Graves said in a statement to The American Lawyer.


Insurance Dispute Over Portland Superfund Site Removed to Federal Court

Mon, 2023-06-05 16:12

This story was first surfaced on Radar.


No Recusal Needed for US Judge Tasked With Trump Removal Decision, Lawyers Agree

Mon, 2023-06-05 15:57

In new court filings, both prosecutors and defense attorneys said Senior U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein, who worked as an attorney at Stroock for a Trump business entity, should not step aside.


Lawyers' Trust in Generative AI May Be Overstated

Mon, 2023-06-05 15:03

Attorneys are embracing generative AI faster than they have other tech innovations. However, for some, a perception of the technology being reliable doesn't necessarily translate into "trust."