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Federal Judge: ADA's Confidentiality Provision Does Not Cover 'Employees' Voluntary Disclosures,' in Case of Employee 'Lying' About Medical History

Fri, 2023-09-29 17:59

"Indeed, when an employer does not receive confidential medical information pursuant to § 12112(d), but receives the information another way, the ADA confidentiality provision is not triggered," U.S. District Chief Judge Thomas S. Kleeh wrote, siding with the employer.


Southwestern Law Launches First Fully Online JD with Full- and Part-Time Options

Fri, 2023-09-29 17:58

"Southwestern's Online J.D. Program is not 'Zoom U,'" President and Dean Darby Dickerson, said in a statement. "It is a carefully considered, thoughtfully designed program that will allow students to interact with faculty and other students meaningfully while providing scheduling and geographic flexibility."


Finding No Error in Jury Instructions, Ohio State Court Upholds Defense Verdict in Medical Malpractice Suit

Fri, 2023-09-29 17:18

The Court of Appeals for the First Appellate District of Ohio affirmed a jury's verdict in favor of a doctor and a plastic surgery center, after the estate of a patient who died from medical complications following treatment brought suit for medical malpractice and failure to obtain informed consent.


Ohio-Based Ashland University Claims Department of Education Wrongly Imposed $6M Fine Over Second Chance Pell Grant Program

Fri, 2023-09-29 14:57

The suit was first surfaced by Radar.


It's Time to Pour Concrete: Davis Wright Leader Says Law Firms Need to Double Down on DEI

Fri, 2023-09-29 14:32

In this week's Legal Speak episode, Yusuf Zakir, Davis Wright Tremaine's chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer, speaks to what it's like to be a DEI leader at a time when the topic is under legal fire.


Plaintiffs Lawyers Oppose Opioid Special Master DQ: 'Email Shows the Opposite of Bias'

Fri, 2023-09-29 13:59

Lead plaintiffs lawyers opposed a motion to disqualify David Cohen, the special master in the opioid multidistrict litigation, insisting that an email he inadvertently sent to lawyers in the case showed no evidence of bias.


Elite Firms Revisit Comp Formulas as Star Talent Has 'Extraordinary Leverage'

Fri, 2023-09-29 11:52

As firms move partner pay systems away from favoring seniority toward favoring productivity, cultural challenges ensue.


CVS Caremark Hit With Antitrust Class Action for Allegedly Targeting Independent Pharmacies With Exorbitant 'DIR Fees'

Fri, 2023-09-29 11:15

This complaint was first surfaced by Radar.


Ex-Twitter Employee's Suit Claims 'Less Qualified Men' Were Promoted Over Her After Musk Took the Helm

Fri, 2023-09-29 10:27

The complaint, first surfaced by Radar, further alleges claims for breach of contract, misrepresentation, gender discrimination and retaliation.


Class Actions Allege Crypto-Trading Platforms Collected Facial Scans Without Written Notice

Fri, 2023-09-29 10:22

These complaints were first surfaced by Radar.


How I Made Partner: 'Don't Assume a Career Path Is a One-Size-Fits-All Situation,' Says Matthew 'Matt' R. Mollozzi of Moore & Van Allen

Fri, 2023-09-29 08:00

"I think that firms are getting better about acknowledging and encouraging individuality and flexibility in work arrangements, but we all owe it to ourselves to figure out what works for us in our own lives."


AI in Arbitration? + Judicial Nominations Roundup

Fri, 2023-09-29 07:45

An arbitrator discusses the feasibility and desirability of artificial intelligence in arbitration, and the Senate Judiciary Committee approves of three judicial nominees.

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From Bitters to Improv, Lawyers With 'Side Hustles' Navigate Both Risks and Rewards

Fri, 2023-09-29 05:00

"Don't take yourself too seriously, and if there is something you love, do it," said Alan Barinholtz.


Supreme Court Wades Into Free Speech Battle Over Social Media Laws

Fri, 2023-09-29 00:13

Social media platforms are challenging Texas and Florida restrictions on their ability to moderate content.


Old Dog, New Tricks: Time to Retire Associate Lockstep Compensation

Fri, 2023-09-29 00:10

This article maps out a system that would enable law firm management to implement a meaningful pay-for-performance system that drives positive associate performance and enhances the firm's culture.


Chipotle Hit With EEOC Suit After Manager Allegedly Attempts to Remove Muslim Employee's Hijab, Fails to Schedule Her

Thu, 2023-09-28 19:17

This complaint was first surfaced by Radar.


ABA Grants 32 Variances for JD-Next Law School Admission Test

Thu, 2023-09-28 17:06

"When the ABA made it so easy to adopt—wisely and correctly, in my view—it was it was kind of a no brainer that so we just adopt it," David Yellen, dean of the University of Miami School of Law and M. Minnette Massey Professor of Law, told Thursday.


The Law Firm Disrupted: Lawyers Must Balance Caution and Curiosity in Confronting Gen AI

Thu, 2023-09-28 16:15

"It's going to be necessary for lawyers to figure out how over the next 10 years and we need to lean in," said Philip Goodin, executive vice president of the litigation services business unit at Integreon.


SAFER Banking/NJ Cannabis Investments/Hilary Bricken's New Role/NY's Cannabis Advisers

Thu, 2023-09-28 15:45

In a historic vote, the U.S. Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee advanced a bill aimed at increasing banking services to a cash-dependent cannabis industry.