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Ahead of the Curve: Legal Tech Gets the Boot (Camp)

Wed, 2018-10-10 10:38
Hofstra law professor Courtney Selby talks about her school’s legal tech boot camp, which gives students a taste of what tech can do in the law in hopes that they’ll want to learn more.

Compliance Hot Spots: FTC Wants a Bigger Stick for Data Privacy | Bharara's Task Force | ZTE Gets More Quality Time with Monitor

Tue, 2018-10-09 20:00
FTC's Rebecca Slaughter makes the case for more rule-making authority at the agency. Preet Bharara's launching a new insider-trading task force, and Williams & Connolly jumps into Elon Musk - Tesla fray. Thanks for reading Compliance Hot Spots.

Skilled in the Art: O'Malley Calls for Rethinking 'Natural Phenomena' | Also, 2nd Period Underway for StubHub Trade Secrets Suit

Tue, 2018-10-09 20:00
The medical diagnostics industry appears to have found an ally in its quest to restore patent eligibility for groundbreaking discoveries: Federal Circuit Judge Kathleen O'Malley

Pity the DOJ Lawyers (For Now) in Transgender Military Ban Showdown

Tue, 2018-10-09 15:54
Asking for an expedited argument to allow the Supreme Court "to consider these issues next term" is probably not a request you’d make if you felt confident you were going to win this round.

Women-Owned Law Firms Surge Amid Gender Disparity in the Profession

Tue, 2018-10-09 12:08
By founding their own firms, women are crafting new game rules that provide for fair compensation, equal promotions, full inclusion and better career development opportunities.

Apathy is the Enemy

Tue, 2018-10-09 08:01
The state of hiring in legal marketing and business development

Opioid Makers Demand an 'Untenable Level of Specificity' in Dismissal Motions, Says Judge's Report

Tue, 2018-10-09 06:00
U.S. Magistrate Judge David Ruiz on Friday allowed most of the claims in a key case in a massive MDL against opioid companies to go forward, concluding that the complaint was far from a “fishing expedition.”

Ahead of the Curve: Legal Tech Gets the Boot (Camp)

Mon, 2018-10-08 20:00
Hofstra law professor Courtney Selby talks about her school’s legal tech boot camp, which gives students a taste of what tech can do in the law in hopes that they’ll want to learn more.

Suits Against Harvard and NYU Law Reviews Claim Racial, Gender Preferences

Mon, 2018-10-08 13:57
A Texas-based group called Faculty, Alumni, and Students Opposed to Racial Preferences argues the diversity policies of the schools' law reviews violate federal anti-discrimination laws.

Stranded Arizona Summit Law Students Won't Finish JDs at ASU

Mon, 2018-10-08 13:08
The struggling institution had hoped students could complete their degrees at the nearby Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, but the American Bar Association has nixed that plan.

How New Client Intake Can Make or Break Your Private Law Practice

Mon, 2018-10-08 10:36
DATE: Thursday, October 25, 2018  Time: 2:00 pm EST / 11:00 am PST Cost: Complimentary Sponsored by:               Client…

Well, That Was Awful

Mon, 2018-10-08 08:27
The fight over the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court was stomach-churning and angry and sad, and it’s left the high court further politicized.

Data Snapshot: Is Big Law Boosting Its Pro Bono?

Mon, 2018-10-08 04:00
Attorneys at the nation's largest law firms gave more of their time to pro bono matters than ever. Jenner & Block led the way.

Judge Recommends Government Claims Against Opioid Makers Go Forward

Fri, 2018-10-05 17:54
A federal magistrate judge issued his recommendation in a key lawsuit brought against opioid manufacturers and distributors, as well as pharmacies.

Time Warner: Keep Prior Verdicts Out of Patent Damages

Fri, 2018-10-05 17:18
The cable giant blames Sprint's $140 million verdict on admission of an award from a previous case. But Sprint says prior verdicts are a natural part of any hypothetical negotiation.

Skilled in the Art: What Do Jurors Know About Damages? | Another Bad Diagnosis on 101 | Lyft Wants Out of SDNY

Fri, 2018-10-05 17:09
Time Warner says the $140 million verdict it got hit with last year was unduly influenced by admission of a previous verdict against a different party. Federal Circuit judges seemed to agree there should be some limits on such evidence.

Medical Diagnostics Case Faces Familiar Section 101 Hurdle

Fri, 2018-10-05 14:32
Federal Circuit judges suggested that a method of diagnosing the neuromuscular condition myasthenia gravis fails the Section 101 test.

From Federal Judge to Private Practice: Why This Debevoise Partner Left His Ultimate Dream Job

Fri, 2018-10-05 13:05
Serving as a federal judge in the Eastern District of New York was “the best job in the world,” says Debevoise partner John Gleeson. So why give it up?

Trump Watch: The Lawyers Sticking by Brett + The Non-Kavanaugh News You Missed

Fri, 2018-10-05 12:53
Several appellate lawyers who backed Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in August say they are sticking with him as the Senate prepares for a vote this weekend.

The Law Firm Disrupted: Network Effects and the Legal Market

Thu, 2018-10-04 20:00
Paladin and Reynen Court hope to harness people power in their quest for legal industry change.