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Updated: 1 hour 30 min ago

'Early Warning' Over Law Firm Profits Comes as Demand Drops

Mon, 2022-08-08 05:00

As demand fell and expenses rose, profits-per-lawyer dropped 3.6% last quarter, according to a new report.


Eli Lilly, Cummins Issue Warnings on Economic Consequences of Indiana's Abortion Law

Mon, 2022-08-08 00:44

"We are deeply concerned about how this law impacts our people and impedes our ability to attract and retain a diverse workforce in Indiana—concerns that we have voiced to legislators," Cummins stated.


Law Professors Say Trump Aides Lack 'Good Faith' Needed for Immunity From Vindman Lawsuit

Mon, 2022-08-08 00:18

The constitutional scholars say their history studying qualified immunity gives them a unique perspective in the dispute.


Appellate Court: 'Imperceptibly Wet, Slippery Stairs' Posed a 'Dangerous Condition' for University of Colorado Student

Mon, 2022-08-08 00:15

While the staircase's black coloring may have contributed to the difficulty of Galef perceiving that they were wet, the university "made the stairs more hazardous by subsequently introducing, a wet, slippery substance onto them," the opinion said.